Top 20 Interior Design Ideas for Bedrooms for 2020

Your bedroom isn’t usually the most important area of your home for entertaining guests, but it is the most important room for you. 2020 is quickly approaching, and it’s time to consider finding residential interior design services to turn your regular bedroom into a private sanctuary. Collected Interior has put together 20 of the top bedroom design ideas for the upcoming year. Check them out below.

Layer Different Textures

If you have textured walls you’re already off to a great start. If you don’t, it’s still not a problem! You can use a wool blanket, a textured headboard made out of leather, velvet, or some other material, a textured throw pillow, and finish it off with a fuzzy rug.

Bold, Dramatic Pieces

2020 is the perfect time to experiment with boldly patterned curtains, canopies, wallpaper, and artwork. Wild floral printed walls, punchy colored bedding, throw pillows, or rugs can all add an extra flair to your bedroom. It’s easy to get stuck on what to buy when it comes to this trend. This is why it’s important to hire interior designer who will offer residential interior design services.

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Your bedroom is your personal space, so it makes sense to incorporate personal elements into your bedroom design. Find artwork that really speaks to you and lean it against a wall in your room. You could also create your own artwork. If you’re decorating a child’s room, a chalkboard is a great way to allow the child’s creativity to shine while preventing them from drawing on walls in other areas of the home.

Cozy and Comforting

There are different elements that you can incorporate to make your bedroom more cozy and relaxing. Choose calming pastels and other light colors for wall paint and wallpaper. Fluffy blankets, throws, and pillows add tangible comfort and warmth that makes falling asleep ten times easier.

Abstract Prints

Abstract prints are like adding a fifth dimension to your home. Consider incorporating bold florals, Moroccan patterns, fruit-prints, Moorish designs, etc. You can use abstract patterns in wallpaper, but it will also work well with your furniture: bedding, nightstand, chairs, etc.

Monochromatic Look

Monochrome doesn’t have to mean flat and boring. Remember, you can switch things up with textures and patterns! A monochromatic design can be very refreshing. A residential interior design expert can definitely show you how to create the perfect monochromatic look for your bedroom.

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Smart Lighting and Statement Lighting

Smart home technology has really been taking off, and you can take advantage of some of that technology by utilizing smart lighting. You may be able to adjust the brightness and color of the lights to create a certain ambiance within the space. Statement lighting is also a very important part of bedroom designs. Even if you opt for a more subtle bedroom design, you can always make lighting the statement piece of your bedroom.

Flowers and Flower Prints

Succulents had a big moment over the past few years. Fresh greenery is always an important part of brightening a room. This year the plant of choice is fresh flowers. Consider buying a peace lily or dracaenas. Floral wallpaper is also in right now!

Creating Interesting Storage Spaces

Storage space isn’t just about having a place to organize your shoes. Yes, your drawers and cabinets have to be stepped up a notch in terms of design in 2020 too. It’s still important to think about how things are organized in your bedroom and what type of storage compartments you’re using.


Bedroom mirrors are great to have when you need to check out your outfit one last time before. A nice clean, clear mirror is refreshing, and it makes a room seem larger and brighter. This 2020 trend just requires the mirror to lean against a wall. It looks cool, and it’s obviously much easier than trying to hang it up.

Sitting and Reading Nook

Your bedroom is not just where you sleep, it’s where you go to read, relax, and sometimes, work. You can do all of these things with a nice sitting area or reading nook. Your bed is great for sleep, but less so for reading and doing work. If you’re looking for a special area to read and unwind during the day a sitting area is an answer. You can set up your reading nook close to a window. It’s much more calming and relaxing than setting it up in the middle of a room.

Portraits Or Paintings

Place a few portraits across your walls. No, not pictures of your family or dog. Portraits from professional photographers of buildings, cities, and other abstract photos or paintings.

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We’ve all heard that less is more. Well, there are bedroom trends that exist on both sides of this argument. Minimalism can be great if done the right way. Frameless artwork and mirrors, smooth wallpaper and pale paint colors give your room a cool, crisp look.

Consider Your Walls

Your wallpaper or wall colors contribute greatly to the vibe of your bedroom. If you want a bedroom with a fresh look and make your room look bigger than it actually is, go for lighter wall paint and wallpaper.

Design With Space In Mind

If you have a big bedroom, you don’t want your room too spaced out. You have to figure out how to utilize the space. However, many people face the dilemma of trying to make their small bedroom look larger. It’s proven that lighter colors help open up space. Be mindful of your room’s shape and size and decorate accordingly so your room isn’t too spacious or too cluttered.

Comfortable, Layered Rugs

There are so many ways to make a fuzzy rug complete a room. Layered rugs make for a cozy floor and a different way to design floors.

Mixing Patterns

If you do this the right way, it won’t be tacky. Mixing patterns can be a great way to bring extra luxury and abstract design to your bedroom.

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Have a Theme

Theme bedrooms are great for children’s bedrooms and guest rooms. Kids love themes, but adults enjoy themes too. You can find decor that fits a certain theme and it’s a great way to ensure a look that makes sense.

Keep your bed and furniture low

This is another way to keep your room less cluttered. If you have a small room, this can help open up your space.

Interesting Nightstands

Don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful nightstand. It’s important to find a nightstand that compliments your bed not just in style, but scale as well.

This new year will bring new bedroom designs worth trying out. Any of our top 20 trends can help you turn your ordinary bedroom into an extraordinary private sanctuary. The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to make your bedroom look beautiful. If you live in the Orlando area and want to hire interior designer, Collected Interior can make your interior design dreams come true. Collected Interior offers residential interior design services in Orlando. Call us at 407-538-0023!

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